Near & Far: Six Photography Portfolios from the University at Albany Fine Art Collections

January 23 – April 5 2023
University Art Museum
Group Exhibition
Photographers Tom Baril, Andreas Feininger, Larry Fink, Mary Ellen Mark, Edward Steichen, and Andy Warhol from the University at Albany Fine Art Collections offer nuanced views of social class, power, desire, and beauty. Mark’s intimate American portraits make strangers feel familiar. Fink’s candid shots of socialites oscillate between satire and seduction. Warhol’s close-up Polaroids of celebrities and photos of empty New York City streets contrast with Feininger’s towering telephoto images of New York from a distance. And Steichen’s pictorialist sensitivity continues to resonate in Baril’s tactile botanical studies and cityscapes.
Artists: Andreas FeiningerTom BarilLarry FinkMary Ellen MarkEdward SteichenAndy Warhol