Rosanne Retz

American, 1951 -
Retz recieved an MFA from Southern Illinois University in 1977 and an MA from the State University of New York at Albany in 1974. She also received a BA from the State University of New York at Albany in 1973.

Recently, my work has moved in a direction that more fluidly reference the mystifying "realness" of the world, offering an alternative. These seemingly diverse narratives, still and landscape works, both exterior and interior views of architectural structures in disarray, examine the relationship between the built structures and the natural environment that surrounds them. The images, which are between representation and abstraction, are really about the big things and small, and of course the usual: love, loss, mortality, imagination, poetry and music. I take suggestions from the world, from what I hear and see, from an anecdote, a situation, an idea that most likely represents for me the lack of control and the resulting struggle. What I am most often attempting to represent is a feeling about the subject. I try to find a particular atmosphere that interest me, maybe the feeling of soberness, of something absent or hidden. The creative process I find most interesting is the making of the piece, and the role chance plays in the outcome. The work that I am currently involved with is the most important to me, because it is the one that is uncertain, unresolved, and therefore alive.