February 4 – 20 2020
February 25 – March 12 2020
Collections Study Space
Group Exhibition

Throughout the run of the exhibition, Affinities and Outliers: Highlights from the University at Albany Fine Art Collections, works from the University at Albany Fine Art Collections are selected by University Art Museum student staff, interns, and staff members. Participants bring together two works into conversation by making formal, historical, or associative connections and exhibit them side-by-side in the Collections Study Space (FA121).

Tzuyun Wei, Department of Art and Art History graduate student intern, is the first participant to make the selection on view from February 4 through February 20. Talking about the works by artists Raphael Collazo (1943-1990, Puerto Rican) and George McNeil (1908-1995, American) she says, “Their vision is a conversion of the real into the imaginary. This abstract and expressionist work brings together both conscious and subconscious subjects. These sentimental compositions make my heart full of desire to paint when I look at them.”

Berly Brown, Education and Public Engagement Coordinator, is the second participant to make the selection on view from February 25 through March 12.  Talking about the works by artists Aaron Holz (b 1972, American) and Gabe Brown (b 1967, American) she says, “I often consider the things we cannot see or intellectualize but can only experience through a sense of feeling or touch.  I’m drawn to the way both of these paintings—through their subject matter, implied textures, and optical qualities—suggest the mysterious.”

Aanaya Rowell-Moten, Student Staff Member, was slated to be our third participant to make a selection of works to be on view side-by-side in the Collections Study Space. Due to COVID19, we are unable to display this work for public viewing, however, what Aanaya has to share about her pick is timely. Talking about work by artists JoAnne Carson (b. 1953, American) and Harry Orlyk (b. 1947, American), Aanaya says: “I chose these two art works because they provide a sense of escape. We all need space and time to gather our thoughts and break away from the situations we are facing. That could be taking a nature walk, meditating, expressing love for the divine or our appreciation of the history and resonance of a painting. We all need time to collect ourselves. These paintings help me to do that."

We invite you to visit the University at Albany Fine Art Collections online and select two works of your own and tell us why they speak to you. It’s your chance to be featured on our web and social media sites. Go ahead, #TakeYourPick!

Artists: Raphael CollazoGeorge McNeilAaron HolzGabe BrownJoAnne CarsonHarry Orlyk