[ Three large tornadoes touch down to the ground from a sky that is dark with black clouds. ]

John Hampshire

Labyrinth 229 , 2009

Artwork Type: Drawings
Medium: Sharpie on panel
Dimensions: 24 x 48 in. (60.96 x 121.92 cm)
Accession #: 20102333
Department: Artists of the Mohawk Hudson Region
Credit: Collection of University Art Museum, University at Albany, State University of New York on behalf of the State of New York , Purchase of University at Albany Alumni Association
Related Exhibition:
Flow: Works By Alumni Artists From Mohawk Hudson Region Exhibitions 2009-2017
Object Label:
This drawing is one in a series of works entitled “labyrinths”. This references the process of constructing these drawings, which begins with a seemingly arbitrary meandering line across the surface that breaks up or divides the picture plane. This in turn affects all of the subsequent linear marks that occur, all of which divide and subdivide the picture plane. This is due to the “rule” I impose, that I not cross any lines that I make. I am able to imply an image through varying the densities of linear marks to achieve a variety of implied values that communicate different lights and darks. I use a permanent marker or pen to do this so that all of these lines are visible in the end product. If I need to adjust the image, (which I often do) I adjust the densities of marks, since I cannot erase anything. I am interested in the dualities inherent in this, such as permanence and flexibility, abstract and representational, stasis and transience. The materials, the process, and the subject matter relate to these interests. My interests are related to formal and conceptual aspects of art making, as well as mathematics, art theory, art history, and philosophy. The program at SUNY Albany afforded a community of faculty and fellow grad students as well as visiting artists who helped nurture these interests.
– John Hampshire
Flow: Works By Alumni Artists From Mohawk Hudson Region Exhibitions 2009-2017

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