Radames Juni Figueroa


Radamés “Juni” Figueroa tropicalizes indoor spaces and architecture by combining organic and existing materials. The artist’s exploration of urban and natural settings of Puerto Rico is a form of connection, namely between the urban architecture and the larger story of North American occupation and the formation of Puerto Rico’s culture, history, and identity. Speaking of the tropical planter series that he began in 2006, the artist has said, “I live and work on a tropical island and it is important for me to talk about where I come from and what I am. When I completed the first one, I was trying to make art in a pure and honest way—using materials I had at my disposal. I was an athlete since childhood. Sports played an important part in my environment and was a tool that kept me on the right track and healthy. It is a tool for many young people to stay away from the negative—in my case sports and art were the best decision I have made.”