Daesha Devón Harris

Daesha Devón Harris is a Saratoga Springs, New York native, artist and photographer who has spent time in Buffalo, NY and San Francisco, CA. Her earliest mentor was her Great Uncle, Joseph Daniels, a self taught artist and accomplished painter from whom she received painting instruction as s young child. She holds a BFA in Studio Art from the College Of Saint Rose where she studied under the late Karene Faul- iconic artist and educator. Daesha earned her MFA in Visual Art from The University at Buffalo and has won several NYS artist grants. She is a member of various organizations and plays an active role in her community as a youth advocate and cultural history preservationist. Harris is an award winning artist that has been featured in numerous exhibitions across New York State as well in Philadelphia, PA, Louisville, CO, and beyond. She is also an avid fisherman and hobbyist gardener. Daesha continues to reside in Saratoga Springs, New York. Artist Statement: The thought of “home” has always been a comfort and an inspiration to me; the concept, the people, the places, and especially the history. Through my artwork I strive to promote a sincere understanding of the contemporary and historic contributions of people of color, highlighting the belief that “there is no single Black America, but a multitude of diversity and richness.” With insight, compassion and protectiveness I endeavor to capture the “life” that continues to evolve amidst struggle and success. And with ardent respect for a profound past, I challenge the viewer to consider the complexity of issues facing communities of color. Influenced by the unique dynamic that is specific to the changing seasons of my East coast home, I use the people and/or places of my extended community to illustrate the strength, faith and hope of a people.

A digital portfolio of her work is available at http://www.daeshadevonharris.com/